Chelsi Ann

For those who have grown with me or watch me grow up, I have always been the same girl. More mature, maybe, more wise, but my core has stayed the same. The funky spunk in my step is still there like it was from my childhood years. My outright bluntness from my first sentence in meeting someone. Last, the choice to be different. Yeah, sometimes I think to myself, maybe I should be like you all out there, start dying my hair, waking up to straighten it, pounds of makeup, looking sexy 24/7. But nah, I'll stick to what I've got. Yes, you super hot girls make me feel pretty plain Jane sometimes, but for those who are understanding me right now; I'm better than you. Because under all that makeup, who's gonna want to look at you now? Now that everyone is so used to seeing you glammed up like a doll? Do you have as much as ambition & drive as I do under all that makeup?

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Mini Tortilla-Crust Pizza


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